• Hi Randbot,

    If she didn’t “admire” Hickman, why did she write the following,
    “For this reason I admire Hickman and every extremist.”

    • I think if you would finish that sentence you would know. As described above her interest was not in Hickman but in the unconventional attitudes and public’s reaction. She was doing research for a book she was writing, and writing down some of her thoughts for a future character. This is very common for authors to do, to take those notes out of context and attack the authors character is just a desperate attempt to smear her by her political opponents.

  • “For this reason…”
    That’s a deliciously out-of-context quote. Can you give the preceding paragraph?

    What next? In her semi-autobiographical novel “We the living” she expresses admiration for some of the aspects of some bolshevik revolutionaries’ personality (notably steadfastness and lack of shame). Will you claim that she approved of collectivism and mass murder collectivism for that?

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