Republicans need to be careful voting for Trump just because the left hates him.

I have not taken any polls, or held any focus groups obviously, but I pretty strongly believe that the appeal of Trump has to do with the fact that he is not afraid to use politically incorrect language and talks back to the media. These performances he puts on attracts massive amounts of attacks from the left, most of which are absurd outright lies. Trump is so polarizing, and brings out so many idiots from the left, that he ends up looking good standing up to them. He does not back down, and ends up looking sincere, a warrior fighting for your values. But what values is he really fighting for? Can we trust him not to stab us in the back once he is elected?

The reason the conservative voters are looking for a fighter is because of the recent history of republicans winning elections but caving to Obama politically. I think the recent events in Chicago illustrate this point even more clearly. The candidates that did not come to Trumps defense after his rally was shut down by violent protestors are now suffering in the polls. America is tired of caving to the left. When there is an emotion or feeling that is so wide spread, the candidate that taps into this emotion will have an enormous advantage. However he will also be dangerous. Emotions tend to make us blind. Republicans need to be careful voting for Trump just because the left hates him. Especially since there is another candidate in the race with a record of doing what Trump can only promise at this point. Yes Trump infuriates the left, and the person who makes your enemies mad looks like your ally, but that is not necessary true. Like most I feel the emotional urge to defend Trump, and like most at times I just want to stick it to the left. In fact if Cruz wasn’t in the race, I may even say, go ahead and vote for Trump. Kasich and Rubio would fold like lawn chairs against the left. But Cruz is in the race, and Cruz has an actual track record of standing up and not caving. He prevented amnesty, he stood up to Sierra club on global warming, he joined Rand Paul in a filibuster and read Atlas Shrugged on the senate floor. If his accomplishments had even a fraction of the media coverage that Donald Trump gets, I think there would be no question of who should get the republican nomination.

The biggest problem I have with Trump is trust. He has no track record, no previous behavior that I could use to figure out what he will do in the future. If fact his previous behavior would tell me that he is actually a democrat. He has only been a republican for few years. He healthcare plan sounds liberal. His comments on free speech sound liberal. His tariff plan could be down right disastrous. Really his only consistent issue has been immigration.

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