Either pay for your own college now, or every ones for the rest of your life.

Either pay for your own college now, or every ones for the rest of your life. Obama’s free 2 years of college program suggestion, and other programs like it that already exist today are the reason about 20% to 30% of your paycheck is taken from you every payday. If this program is passed, some portion of your paycheck will be taken each payday for the rest of your life in order to fund it.

Education it self, is also virtually guaranteed to suffer. Have you ever visited a cafeteria on a complimentary free food day? The first thing you notice is the long lines and lack of choices. When on a regular day there is an assortment of foods you can purchase, now you are stuck with chicken or beef, and some side. Community colleges like the cafeterias will have to slim down and standardize their educational services in order to take advantage of the funding government will be handing out. If you want to know how well a government run or funded education works, you really don’t have to look no further then K-12 public schools. And don’t forget, if you ever plan to work and get paid in the future, you will be paying for this for the rest of your life. “It is the oldest trick in the book, giving away money flamboyantly and then taken it away quietly.” Thomas Sowell. What we really should be doing and going in the opposite direction, and applying some free market principles to educational services.

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