2012 Election Vote, the problem is ideas


1. Romney and Obama are not the same. Though they may have some similar positions they also differ on many. Philosophically they have stark differences. If you are not aware of these differences and what they mean, I would be glad to point you to a good source, or discuss them my self.

2. The problem is ideas. There is no illusion or trick being played on the people that is making them all conform to vote for the two parties. The majority of the population, including republicans, democrats and independents share the ideas that the two parties advocate. And so they vote for them because they believe that their ideas represent the good. Only a small portion of the population actually identify that these ideas are evil. Thus advocating that someone should not vote for the lesser evil and choose a third party candidate only reaches this small segment of the population. The rest view the ideas of the third party candidate such as Ron Paul or Johnson as bad. Meaning that they don’t like the candidate because they fundamentally disagree with them, not because they may be stealing votes. This is an idea problem, that can only be solved through education, no political process, or vote can touch it.

3. Whatever you choose to do, the lesser or the greater evil will be forced on you by the majority that agrees with them. As explained, this is due to ideas, not some magical conformity spell that has been cast on the nation. There is nothing you can do with your vote to change the ideas these people hold. The options that are available to us are to help defeat the greater evil, or make a symbolic action of supporting liberty. I often hear people say that if you vote for a lesser evil, you will get evil. This however, has absolutely no difference from making a symbolic vote, as it will also result in you getting evil. There is no choice of getting evil or not in this election cycle, our only choice is to either help get rid of the greater evil, or make a symbolic vote. To me, a symbolic vote has no value. For me, a symbolic vote, my expression of support of liberty, does not help in any way to defend my values. I can express my support of liberty in many other ways which are much more effective. So if I do not make a symbolic vote, I give up nothing. I can still support liberty. However, if I do make a symbolic vote, I give up my power to defeat the greater evil. In effect, I give up a value for a lesser or no value. If you find a symbolic vote to be more value to liberty, then by all means make it. The only circumstances I see that a symbolic vote can be of greater value are in states where the election has already been decided. If you live in Hawaii for instance, voting for Romney will make no difference, and so you might as well make a third party vote. But if you live in a contested state, don’t give up your power to defeat the greater evil.

4. Previous actions have determined the state, our standard of living is in now, and our actions now will determine our standard of living in the future. If greater evil candidates have been elected in the past, and greater evil policies initiated, you can bet that we would be even worse shape now. If Obama gets his way on energy polices, if Obamacare is not repealed, our way of life, and our standard of living will be reduced.

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