Net Neurtrality is the Foot in the Door

Do you want the government running the internet if the democrats are in charge? What about if the republican’s are in charge? If you said no to one of those questions, then you should be against Net Neutrality regulation. It is just a foot in the door technique for government to start regulating the internet. If any past trends about government regulation are an indication, this control is going to follow with more controls. And some of the controls will be passed by the party that you don’t like, so consider your self forewarned.

Besides these net neutrality rules are dumb, backed by corporate greed that everyone seems to hate right? Google has come out for this regulation for example. Does it surprise you that as a result this regulation does not affect wireless internet networks? AKA, the networks that Google owns.

Here are some hard facts. The internet service providing (ISP) has become a very profitable and competitive business. But it has also become popular to use the government’s gun, the government’s power as a competitive advantage. The politicians are of course more then happy to sell this power. Or maybe the politicians peddled this power, telling Google, we have some regulations that might hurt your industry, but we might forget about those if you just come out in support for these. I don’t know how it went down, either way it’s not good.

So why would a large ISP like Google find Net Neutrality in their interest. Well, what happened is that another big ISP Comcast invented and patented a new type of server that is able to distinguish data type that is sent via the internet. Since only 5% of data type (the downloading of HD movies via torrents or streaming websites) uses 50% of internet speed, Comcast was going to slow down these huge downloads while speeding up the internet for the rest 95%. And what about speeding up services such as youtube or skype. With this new type of server Comcast would be able to speed up essential sites that require uninterrupted service. This would make Comcast internet services much faster ,and be a great selling point and competitive advantage over other ISP’s. But this won’t happen if net neutrality rules are allowed to regulate the internet.

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